A Cold Night on Long Island

Walk with me into the barren winter

Eye peripherally, counter intuitively 

Crunch, brain bounds, crunch

train sounds off in the distance-

echoed     chaos

When you speak to me, hold my hopes

on your breath taking care to not crack them

your words empty as the     cold

Take fire to your speech, warm the thought

on the lip of your brain

I’ll let words seep in

dressed in acid suits sizzling

The night around us crept over like an unwanted friend

I saw beyond you then  straight through to the vacant

innard     sallow (once grand)

We once spoke like forgotten kings fighting

for crowns flinging     feigns

now we are beggars rummaging

for scraps

Time is merciless on speech

between two people     silence adds up like clay

bricks  lines of their life imprinted

let time be the abstraction     resounding

Take my hand, please, and     speak     to me

strike notes on dead air

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Meditations on the Cost of a Life

Recall the cost of a life
Less than 1000 on an African
Queen drafted to nourish
Your generations with breasts
Of asphyxiated royalty

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These arms can house you
Wandering Man

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You may observe the country
Of my body.
The plains of my belly, the
Lattitude of my luxe
Fiery oil atop still seas.

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Learn How To

Memorize the two freckles on my cheek

Diagonally across from your lips 

Parted in new discovery.

Wait as 

My hands unfurl over your mountainous back 

Like fog into obstructed caves.

Watch time ooze down into our pores. 

Of all the words in the English

Language, I can’t find a way to tell you

That when you touch me, my essence breaks

Free of this fleeting shell, And all at once I am

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Devil in a dress, sex in combat

Boots stomp the life out of you

Never stood a chance slumped over

Your drink eyeing


Bleed out love 

I’m ready

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Windows open panties drop-

Spring is coming.

Hibiscus remind us of home

Yellow tounged compass on a late

Night cruise.

Dank makes eyes flash, mirror

Reflections of regret in the 

Budding sunlight

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Pacific Coast II (by Eddie O’Bryan)

"And I will die all alone"

Pacific Coast II (by Eddie O’Bryan)

"And I will die all alone"

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We lived

In the shadows in the 

in between

 Bright eyed

17, and your hands are like treasure

Hunters roaming for Emeralds

Which you found by the time I was

18 and in love

Warm skin

Wet lips a Hummingbird’s 

Heart beat

I was your New York Style Strip Steak Medium


Your morphine drip, drip


Numb 20 with Switzerland

Jaded 22 at the Berlin

Wall and you’re in love with

Someone Else

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Stay with me

Stay with me

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